Successful Appellate Relief for California Parties Statewide

Warren Law Group PC wants you to know there are still options even after a judge hands you a disappointing verdict in court. We help Californians appeal legal rulings or defend against the other side’s appeal of your hard-fought victory. Our focus is primarily on family law issues, including divorce and child custody, but we are available for other subject matters. Randy Warren and Lawrence Hellmann — are highly experienced appellate lawyers who will fight tirelessly on your behalf.

It’s Not Too Late!

When legal disputes result in unfavorable rulings, you have the right to appeal to a higher court. With litigation experience in California’s First, Second, Third, and Fourth District Courts of Appeal, our legal team is uniquely qualified to assist you and those you love in obtaining the result you deserve.

Since California’s judicial process is notoriously slow-moving, contact our attorneys as soon as possible to begin working on your appeal. We’ll ensure we appeal your decision in a timely manner – or defend against the other side’s appeal – and do so following the letter of the law to a “T.”

Warren Law Group PC offers experienced appellate counsel for clients in Northern and Southern California. Call (415) 479-4200 to schedule your free consultation.

The California appeal timeline has very firm deadlines for action, especially to file a notice of appeal. Do not delay.